Viennese Hour at The Palace

What is a Viennese Hour?

If you think dessert is the best part of dinner, than you are going to love a Viennese Hour at your wedding!

According to  “The Viennese hour typically occurs after the cake has been cut. It is meant to be an opulent and lavish display of just about every dessert item imaginable with the idea that it will not run out while your guests enjoy the offerings.”

When most people think wedding dessert, they think cake but, not everyone likes cake. So, we give your guests almost every dessert imaginable.

We are one of the only venues in New Jersey that have an in-house pastry department that makes pastries from scratch.

Not only are there cakes, pastries and cookies, but there is also a “Fire & Ice Station”. The “fire” representing flaming Bananas foster and warm golden-brown Belgian Waffles. The “Ice” in this station is three different flavors of ice cream accompanied by everything from sprinkles to caramel sauce.

If you are a cake person, our wedding cakes are custom made for each wedding by our talented in-house pastry team.

If you have a special dessert you want at your event, ask your Event Planner!

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