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There are certain seasons we have to admit we look forward to slightly more than the rest, and one we absolutely adore is peony season. These blooms pop up for just a few weeks in May and early June, and the sweet, short season is one we savor. When Erin and Tyler decided to celebrate their wedding day in mid-May at The Palace at Somerset Park, we could only hope that they might embrace our favorite flowers. And they did, which was such a delight!

Erin and Tyler spent their wedding mornings apart while they got ready for their big celebration. They decided against doing a first look, and instead chose to save the moment when they saw each other for the first time for their ceremony aisle. It’s a decision that’s steeped in tradition, and it’s one that’s still fun to see honored. 

They wanted to recite their vows at a church that holds meaning to them, so Erin and Tyler officially became husband and wife at St. John the Evangelist Church in gorgeous Lambertville, New Jersey. The church has a stunning stone facade, and inside everyone is met with soaring ceilings, beautiful stained glass windows, and a fabulous aisle that makes for one very memorable walk to get married. 

After they were pronounced as Mr. and Mrs., Erin and Tyler lingered outside the church to capture portraits with Ashley Gerrity Photography. Ashley’s team captured Erin’s coral charm peony bouquet perfectly, and the couple looked absolutely stunning, too! We love how brightly the sun was shining in each of these photos—E and T lucked out with gorgeous weather!

After their time at their church, Erin and Tyler made their way to our venue. It was such a joy to welcome them before they captured more portraits outside on our terraces and in our gardens. The fading light gave these moments such a beautiful, soft quality. Guests sipped on cocktails, Erin and Tyler joined them to mingle together, and then it was time to welcome everyone into the ballroom for E and T’s reception. 

The couple continued to embrace peony season inside the ballroom with low centerpieces filled with coral charm peonies and more notes of bright pink and yellow. All of the details were so bright and colorful, which was so fun to see! And everything popped beautifully in the background of the photos captured of Erin and Tyler walking down the staircase as they made their entrance, twirling in the center of the dance floor for their first dance, and sharing wonderful moments with their parents during their parent dances. 

Between the stunning peonies, the heartfelt speeches, the menu prepared by our team, the packed dance floor, and Erin and Tyler’s joy and kindness, this is a wedding we loved from start to finish. And we would absolutely relive every moment once again. 

Photography: Ashley Gerrity Photography

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