Q&A with A Touch of Elegance

Posted on April 15, 2014

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meLisa Plociniak is the co-owner of A Touch of Elegance Floral & Event Design along with her husband Michael. The company is a preferred vendor with The Palace and we have experienced a great partnership with them when it comes to events here. Her company offers full-service event design and has helped many of our brides complete their look.

We spoke to Lisa about her advice to brides and to share her viewpoint as an experienced industry leader.

What are the most exciting decor and floral trends that you are seeing?

I love patterns. Anyone can pick a color but it takes a bold bride to do a pattern. Be mindful and choose a pattern you will love in 20 years. When you look at your pictures again you want to love what you see.

What are the hot colors this year?

Right now we are in spring. So pastels are very in, including pink, lavender, green. I have to say the most under-used color is pale yellow. Navy and teal are also very in too. I would say year after year any shade of pink or purple have been the dominant colors for weddings.

What is your best advice to your clients who don’t have a clear vision for their event?

Internet. There are thousands and thousands of images out there. Do your research to see what you like. I suggest start a Pinterest page. You do not need to know the exact flowers or the exact design, but a slight direction.

You should reflect on who you are as a couple. Do you like to hike and enjoy bonfires and cookout—perhaps your design should lean towards a more rustic look. Or are you hanging in the hottest restaurants and clubs with rhinestone shoes on a Saturday night. You might then be more of what I would call my “bling girls.” We can always help you get there—we just need a little guidance.



What do you like most about your job?

I love being creative. I love how the designs come together. I am working with brides and grooms and many other clients who are planning a very important day in their life. I feel it is an honor to be chosen to work with them. Our designs will be a part of their memories forever.

What led you into this business?

I originally worked in restaurants. I wanted to own my own. As I climbed up the corporate ladder I realized how much I did not enjoy what I did. I used to dabble in crafts at home to keep the creative juices flowing as a hobby. I made wreaths, baskets, silk flower arrangements. I had a moment of clarity when my husband, then boyfriend, visited me at the restaurant I was working at with a dozen yellow roses as a surprise. It was a long day at 3 a.m., still working, I looked over at the roses and it became clear I was going to buy a florist. Shortly after I quit my job, enrolled in design school and purchased a florist within nine months. Fifteen years and 3,000 weddings later, and here we are.

036 palace reception nj wedding new york

Can you recall one of your favorite designs you’ve created and why?

Wow, tough question.

Probably my favorite is one I did about four years ago. The client trusted us and let us do our thing. They gave us some guidance but we took the ball and ran. Her look was “Modern Vintage Glam.” We used gold candelabras with spheres of flowers instead of traditional arrangements. We used mirror and lots of crystal. There were so many layers to her look I could go on and on. Her colors were gold and white. And her look was timeless.

Halfway through the setup I looked around the room and started to cry with joy at the beauty we were creating. What also makes this design so special is the family we did it for. Amazing people with amazing hearts. We are so blessed to have been a part of their lives.