Summertime weddings: Go bright and celebrate

Posted on June 14, 2013

Summer is upon us, so it’s inevitable that you may be a guest at a summer wedding. The season require a complete attitude adjustment. You’ll probably sweat a little, but that’s just part of the fun. Embrace the freedom to go big and bright in your decor. Extend the summertime feeling into every component of your wedding from your food choices to your playlist.

1.) Don’t be afraid of using bright colors in your decor. Now is the time. Play with color combinations that might not seem to work together. Just test it first in small batches. Search wedding blogs and sites for inspiration. is definitely West Coast slanted, but we often find we on the East Coast need some of those Californians’ lighter attitudes.



2.) Make your food choices lighter and your cocktails seasonal appropriate. It’s easy to see what foods are in season in the summer and your guests will be rewarded with dishes that taste great and look festive. For cocktail hour, try a watermelon martini or try the peach-infused Negroni Punch. People will notice if your food and beverage choices fit the summertime theme,


3.) Dress sharp and comfortably. For women, it’s easier to find a summery dress that is entirely appropriate. But for men, since at least a jacket is usually required, the smarter way to dress is by choosing lighter suiting fabrics. You could go with a linen suit, but we think cotton is more versatile. It doubles as summer meeting attire at the office. Pick a traditional base color such as navy or tan, but punch up the color factor with smaller details such a turquoise pocket square or socks.

4.) Summer music. Throw in a few jams that remind people it’s summertime. Just think back to your past summers riding in a car or attending an outdoor concert. “It Takes 2” by Rob Base or “Blue Sky” by the Allman Brothers are the types of songs that conjure celebrating on a summer day.