Savy and Dave’s crazy fun wedding

Posted on March 10, 2014

Rob August Photography shared with us some incredible images from Savy and Dave’s wedding at The Palace. Their wedding featured two ceremonies and you can tell they had a great time entertaining their guests.

“Our Wedding Day was one of the best days of our lives so far. We know it sounds stereotypical but it was true. The day went by so fast for us. We laugh and say we wished we were guests at our wedding so we could see everything there was to see.  The Palace helped make our day perfect,” said the bride. “Without the staff from The Palace we doubt that the day would have gone so smoothly. They kept everything in order and made sure we enjoyed every part. They really understood that this is an important day for you and your significant other.”

For the complete set, visit the Rob August Photography blog post. We’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one:

rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-006 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-007 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-015 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-019 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-022 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-029 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-033 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-045 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-046 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-049 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-067 rob-august-photography-nj-wedding-savy-dave-072