Pro tips: DIY boutonnieres

Posted on December 20, 2013

The boutonniere is a wonderful wedding staple for many reasons: it’s another chance to personalize and be creative with your color scheme, it makes the groom look even more handsome and, most obviously, it’s a tradition!

While a lot of men get their boutonnieres handled through their flower vendor or a friend, making it at home can be just as easy, and rewarding.


Here’s how:

  1. You’ll want a flower with a big head that can withstand a little pressure (i.e. a rose or a calla lily). Might as well get a few to practice on. It’s also great to have the flower match the color scheme of the wedding.
  2. After remove foliage, thorns, less-appealing petals, cut the stem at an angle, leaving three inches of stem.
  3. Create the ‘bed’ by taking ferns, ivies, or other greenery and nestle it behind the flower.
  4. Once the bed is in place, use wire behind the flower to keep it upright.
  5. Wrap floral tape down in a spiral until an inch of it is covered and trimming away the excess, wrap back up the flower, again trimming away the excess.
  6. Trim the wires and wrapped stem to about 1 or 2 inches.
  7. Curl the bottom around a point (like a pencil) and pinch it at the bottom.
  8. Decorate with bows and insert pearl-tipped stems as you wish.

It’s that simple! It can be a fun activity for everyone involved, but here’s the best part: when someone tells the groom they love his boutonniere, he can say you made it yourselves!