Recent company events

Posted on March 19, 2013

The Palace at Somerset Park is a popular choice for many area companies to gather and celebrate milestones or set new goals. We aim to provide the most comfortable setting for an off-site event. Here are some photos we wanted to share.

One of the nation’s top network of franchise-owned real estate sales offices gathered more than 700 people to laud the accomplishments of top-selling agents in its area network. Highlights of the event included a festive cocktail hour and motivational speaker Frank Miles – who also is a juggler. Once again, our staff rose to the occasion to help a major company with a key event.


ReMax event Palace

A distributor of electrical and industrial products held a meeting at The Palace to set goals and establish best practices for working between different divisions and locations. The two-day program included discussion of new products and technology and included a dinner.

One of the key people involved in putting together the event wrote us an email that said the company’s event planner had never worked with a facility as well equipped as The Palace.

Turtle and Hughes corporate event

Turtle and Hughes speaker