Luxurious weddings with My Bellissima

Posted on March 1, 2013

This year is the year where weddings are all about glamour. Rich fabrics, gleaming metallic details, ornate lace gowns and formal receptions are back in style – in a big way.

glam 1

Laura and Kara of My Bellissima are in step with the glam revival.

“The best thing about these two ladies,” says Linda (who planned her wedding with the pair), “is that they tell your story.”

glam 2

Last year rustic was popular. This year is different. Even couples planning outdoor weddings are stepping it up, with crystal table settings and gold silverware.

glam 3

Take a cue from the event the My Bellissima ladies designed for Linda. “I could not believe what I was seeing was our wedding,” she says. “They had accomplished exactly what we wanted—glam, romantic, just wow.” To achieve the over-the-top look Linda was after, My Bellissima used vivid purple accents, fireworks, and plenty of “bling.”

glam 4

“Five stars is not enough for them,” Linda says. “I would give them the whole universe!” Let that principle set the tone for your wedding. Don’t be content with an event that shimmers like a star. Your wedding should shine with the wattage of the whole galaxy.

glam 5