Lasers and Lace

Posted on February 25, 2013

This cutting-edge trend manages to look modern and old-fashioned at the same time. The slogan of MirrorMirror Designs, which exclusively produces laser cut wedding invitations, is:  “Vintage made new for the modern bride.”

The invitations designed by MirrorMirror look unbelievably intricate. Perhaps that’s why the company issued a standing invitation to all customers in the area to visit the downtown Manhattan studio where the cards are crafted. If you don’t live near enough to drop by, we’ve selected a few examples of  incredible cards from MirrorMirror.

This “Ovalesque” design was inspired by stained glass lattice windows.

laser 1

We love the oversized ampersand—&—on this invitation suite.

laser 2

The three-dimensional quality of the bouquet of roses here is stunning.

 laser 3

Laser cut invitations can be made from paper, or from other, less traditional materials such as wood or acrylic, like the one below.

 laser 4