Introducing NRG Film Company

Posted on June 8, 2014

The Palace is proud to introduce Noah Rosenblatt (pictured), the owner of NRG Film Company, which films weddings, documentaries and corporate events. NRG has become one of our Preferred Partners. Noah, who hails from the small Jersey Shore town of Loch Arbour, started making movies for his marketing clients. He stayed up until 3 a.m. working on one video and realized that making films are his passion. His video of Brianne and Justin’s wedding at The Palace can be viewed above.

NR Headshot #2

Noah is influenced by strong imagery, compelling story lines and comedy.

“I want every video to force the viewer to see beauty in people and find interest in ordinary things and hopefully you’ll have a real laugh at some point during the video,” he said.

He describes his style as cinematic journalism, employing light and motion to draw the viewer in and capturing key moments of the day.

“I will use very, very, very small amounts of direction,” he said. “But rarely coach people or set up shots that tend to be disruptive or unnecessary for the final film.”

His favorite movie is Joel and Ethan Coen’s “The Big Lebowski,” which is widely known by Jeff Bridge’s character The Dude.

“Every time you watch it gets better and you’ll notice something new that its creators snuck in there, it has depth,” he said.

Here are Noah’s tips for getting the most out of your wedding video:

  1. Write your own vows, make them meaningful and personal.
  2. Kiss frequently and spontaneously, after all, it’s your wedding day.
  3. Laugh, don’t just smile.
  4. Forget the camera is there as quickly as possible.
  5. Don’t stress out about the little details in the wedding, focus on having a meaningful ceremony and a great party.