Have fun with an engagement shoot

Posted on January 22, 2013

00302Congratulations, you’re engaged. It’s an incredible feeling to be officially committed to the love of your life. However, soon to come is the inevitable stress of planning the actual wedding. Even if you think you are not the type to sweat the details, you might find yourself arguing over charger plates. (On the question of charger plates, yes, they do look awesome in your photos.)

Now is the time to have some fun and do an engagement photo shoot.

So before it comes to trimming your guest list or picking your stationary, start searching for your wedding photographer. After all, when it’s all said and done, you’ll still have your photographs to replay your wedding. Not only should you choose a photographer whose work suits your personal style, you should also choose a photographer that you get along with. He or she will be with you for most of the day, so they better not annoy you. An engagement shoot is the best way to get to know your photographer.

So here are tips on how to enjoy your engagement shoot for Jamie Kaplan, owner of Jamie K Photography:

  • Choose a location that has meaning for the both of you.
  • Or pick a place you’ve never been to but always wanted to go. Make it an adventure.
  • Wear cool, casual clothes that you normally would wear. Don’t try too hard to dress a certain way.
  • Arrive for the shoot with an open mind. Sometimes the best shots come with some improvisation.
  • Plan out some shots that can be used for your invitations, wedding website or thank you cards.