Luxurious weddings with My Bellissima

Posted on March 1, 2013

This year is the year where weddings are all about glamour. Rich fabrics, gleaming metallic details, ornate lace gowns and formal receptions are back in style – in a big way. Laura and Kara of My Bellissima are in step with the glam revival. “The best thing about these two ladies,” says Linda (who planned her wedding with the pair), “is that they tell your story.” Last year rustic was popular. This year is different. Even couples planning outdoor weddings are stepping it up, with crystal table settings and gold silverware. Take a cue from the event the My Bellissima ladies designed for Linda. “I could not believe what I was seeing was our wedding,” she says. “They had accomplished exactly what we wanted—glam, romantic, just wow.” To achieve the over-the-top look Linda was after, My Bellissima used vivid purple … Read more

Photobooth fun

Posted on February 27, 2013

Alysia and Mario’s wedding at The Palace stood out with funny hats, sequined masks, photo frames, clever signs, and kissing pics galore. Dave Stephenson, owner of A Time for Music & Memories, whose company provided the photo booth, told us he had so much fun working this wedding that it didn’t feel like work at all.     … Read more

Lasers and Lace

Posted on February 25, 2013

This cutting-edge trend manages to look modern and old-fashioned at the same time. The slogan of MirrorMirror Designs, which exclusively produces laser cut wedding invitations, is:  “Vintage made new for the modern bride.” The invitations designed by MirrorMirror look unbelievably intricate. Perhaps that’s why the company issued a standing invitation to all customers in the area to visit the downtown Manhattan studio where the cards are crafted. If you don’t live near enough to drop by, we’ve selected a few examples of  incredible cards from MirrorMirror. This “Ovalesque” design was inspired by stained glass lattice windows. We love the oversized ampersand—&—on this invitation suite. The three-dimensional quality of the bouquet of roses here is stunning.   Laser cut invitations can be made from paper, or from other, less traditional materials such as wood or acrylic, like the one below.     … Read more

Put A Bow On It

Posted on February 22, 2013

If you grew up dreaming of princesses, ballerinas, and extravagant frills, this wedding theme is for you. Few things are more quintessentially feminine than the bow.   The back of your dress, your bridesmaids’ sashes, or the flower girl’s hair are ideal locations for bows. But don’t be afraid accessorize unexpected elements as well. Upgrade your table settings by tying your napkins into bows.   These luscious shoes could be your “something blue.” Nothing is off limits, not even the cake. Finish off tying the knot like a lady—with a bow. … Read more

Marie and John’s Royal Affair

Posted on February 14, 2013

The rich purple hues this couple chose for the bouquets, boutonnières, programs, sashes, ties, and even several layers of the cake gave the ceremony an undeniably regal air. The ballroom shines in the glowing, amethyst lights. But nothing could outshine the faces of the bride and groom. Many thanks to Abella Studios for allowing us to share these images. … Read more

Have fun with an engagement shoot

Posted on January 22, 2013

Congratulations, you’re engaged. It’s an incredible feeling to be officially committed to the love of your life. However, soon to come is the inevitable stress of planning the actual wedding. Even if you think you are not the type to sweat the details, you might find yourself arguing over charger plates. (On the question of charger plates, yes, they do look awesome in your photos.) Now is the time to have some fun and do an engagement photo shoot. So before it comes to trimming your guest list or picking your stationary, start searching for your wedding photographer. After all, when it’s all said and done, you’ll still have your photographs to replay your wedding. Not only should you choose a photographer whose work suits your personal style, you should also choose a photographer that you get along with. He … Read more

Linda and Nicholas in Grace Ormonde

Posted on November 29, 2012

It was an honor to have one of our weddings featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, one of the most elegant wedding websites out there. Nicholas Lancetti and Linda Moschello (photo by Jamie K Photography) had known each other for 10 years before tying the knot. Their wedding at The Palace included a sunset ceremony on the Upper West Terrace. Other highlights included a energetic dance party and a dazzling fireworks show. We are always happy to see our couples take on our space being shown in the media. One thing our clients notice is how our rooms can be personalized to reflect their personality. … Read more