Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Posted on August 4, 2015


When in doubt, Champagne is always the answer! Looking for a fun way to impress your guests? Tired of the traditional martini bar….A bubbly bar might be the perfect option for you! This hot trend is “POPPING” up everywhere….The traditional must haves on this bar include Mimosas, Bellini’s, and of course strait up champagne!  To amp this bar up a notch, make it interactive.  Add other flavorful juices, and fresh seasonal fruit  so your guest can build their own perfect cocktail!  You could also have someone serve them as well. A bubbly bar is a fun way to continue the celebration with a fresh new cocktail approach!  So we want to know…are you a fan of this idea?  Would you ever consider doing this on your big day?  It works for all types of celebrations.  A bubbly bar is a perfect segway into a perfect party!