A season for every wedding, part II

Posted on December 16, 2013

Winter, spring, summer and fall. Everyone has their favorite season—but which time of the year will be best to place one of the most important days of your life?

In this two-part series, we’ve put together a pro and con hit list for each season to help you make your decision. In this part, we’ll go over summer and fall. (You can also read our previous post about winter and spring.) Enjoy!



1) The weather. Especially if your reception is happening at night, you can’t argue with summer weather.
2) Vendor availability. Because the wedding rush season will be over, you’ll have a better chance at your pick of the litter.
3) Extend the party. Longer days means more sunlight and more memories to make.

1) Summer vacations. It’s not a serious con—just make sure to send your invitation early.
2) Hot temperatures. The farther south you go, the more you’ll have to consider starting festivities later into the night.
3) Hotel rates are known to be a bit higher in the summer, though if you book in bulk and early enough, you’ll be good.

fall real

1) The versatility of dresses available to brides is at its high point here. Long sleeves, short sleeves, short crop—it’s all in season.
2) Ideal temperatures. Though it may dip up or down, fall temperatures are great for formal wear.
3) The foliage. Falling, changing leaves really do make one of the most ideal backdrops.

1) Watch out for back to school guests, though they’ll probably be few and far between. A college-aged family member may not be able to make it.
2) It’s the beginning of football season, which means some guests may be checking their phones from time to time.
3) Slimmer color palette. Though you can still involve cooler hues of blue and green, reds and browns will be most fitting to the mood.