2014 wedding trends roundup

Posted on February 12, 2014

We’ve gathered some of the best wedding trends from online magazines from the TheKnot.com to LaurenConrad.com. No matter what the established sites or former stars of “The Hills” have to say, we all know some of these declared trends have always been in. But it’s still fun to survey the landscape and highlight the ones that seem pretty cool.

pink color

The color pink: Pink is a classic romantic color and properly applied in doses. It’s a wonderful accent color. Grooms can even get involved with a pink dress shirt (with a grey suit) or perhaps a pink tie. The key is to go for a softer pink that is more muted.

wedding cake

Focus on cakes: We, for one, are happy that huge, magnificent cakes are back in style. It’s the only time in life where a big fancy ornate cake is not only accepted. It’s applauded.

one bite

One-bite wonders: People love small bites. You can handle them with a cocktail in hand and you won’t get too stuffed before the main course comes out. They can also be beautifully crafted and we’ve seen some delicate creations that taste delicious coming out of our kitchens.

featured image

Mismatched bridesmaids: Why not take the stress out of having bridesmaids all match? The key here is to make sure that the bride’s party complement each other even if they are wearing the same dress. Let your bridesmaids have fun choosing their own dress.

chocolate box purple

Chocolate-box purple: This is a classy color that can be matched to many elegant shades. It’s unconventional, but not weird. It’s a deep, wonderful shade that works well in spicing up more formal ceremonies.

Seasonal flowers: By now, we’ve all heard that we should eat seasonal foods. So it makes sense to get all artisanal with flowers too. After all, flowers are grown by season and why not select blossoms at their peak.

#hashtagged weddings: Social media is here to stay, so let’s embrace it with a unique wedding hashtag for your wedding. Instagram away!