Justin conquers the Spartan Race

Posted on October 30, 2013

Image courtesy of Spartan Race For those of you who know Justin Di Bianca, our director of food & beverage, he is a perfectionist. He runs a tight ship, carefully chooses ingredients, and at any given moment the Palace kitchen appears orderly—a rare feat for any banquet hall kitchen. Many of you may not know that Justin has lost a lot of weight (over 140 pounds) through sheer discipline. Imagine how hard it would be to lose weight when you work around food all day and a major part of your job is to taste it. Not only did Justin become much healthier, he has become super fit. He recently completed the ultra challenging Spartan Race, a three-mile course filled with 15 obstacles from rope climbs to tire flipping to crawling under barbed wire. Justin is a very humble guy … Read more